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Inspiration Station Preschool partners with Airdrie Foundation 4 Early Childhood Intervention to ensure that the needs of ALL our children are addressed.


  • We wanted a preschool whose staff would always be loving, compassionate, present and engaged. Where our daughters would feel welcomed, valued and appreciated for who they were becoming, and include us as parents. Read more…
    Amanda P.
  • I cannot express what an important factor the whole team has been for my son and our family! My son has made progress that I honestly never thought possible. Read more…
  • The staff at this school are truly wonderful. Each and every one of them have such a deep dedication to these kids. I have had many chances to observe the classroom and it warms my heart to know how much they care for these children and approach them according to that child’s needs. Read more…
  • As university educated parents, we were devastated at the fact that our sweet son was already off to a rough start and our dreams started to fracture. But then things started to change when I made a phone call to Inspiration Station. They have taught me how to teach my son, and have made me a more confident parent. Any affiliation with this preschool WILL be positive. Read more…