Got Questions?

1What is the adult to child ratio in your classes?

There are typically at least three adults for every twelve children. We divide all classes into two groups and the groups alternate between two classrooms (to maximize a variety of play opportunities).

2Do you have field trips?

We have many field trips scheduled throughout the year. These are just a few places that we have visited each year: Blue Grass Nursery, Genesis Place, grocery store, library, post office, dentist, eye doctor, ice cream store, fire station and a variety of parks/playgrounds.

3Do you have an outdoor space?

We don’t have specific outdoor space attached to the preschools, but we regularly walk to the local parks and playgrounds that are nearby.

4Do you offer special rates for siblings or twins?

We do not offer sibling prices, however, many parents successfully access Alberta Childcare Subsidy as the requirements for who is eligible have changed to accommodate more families.

5Can my child start preschool before they are three years of age?

Yes, they are able to start in September if they turn three before December 31st of that preschool year.