Special Needs

Inspiration Station Preschool partners with Airdrie Foundation 4 Early Intervention to ensure that the needs of ALL our children are addressed.


Airdrie Foundation 4 Early Intervention

Airdrie Foundation 4 Early Intervention is a Non-Profit ‘school’ accredited by Alberta Education to provide early intervention programming for children who are eligible for Program Unit Funding (PUF) or Mild Moderate funding. Programming for children with special needs is provided in an environment where they are learning alongside typically developing peers. A multi-disciplinary team, in partnership with families, provides individualized programming and strategies to support each child (speech and language intervention, fine motor skills and functional development, gross motor development and psychological/behaviour support). Intervention is provided within the preschool classroom.


Specialized Services

Specialized Services is an FSCD (Family Support for Children with Disabilities) funded program. Specialized Services is a program that is designed to teach parents and caregivers, of children with severe delays, strategies and skills to support their children within daily routines. The program uses a multi-disciplinary team of expert therapists to teach parents the skills and strategies needed to assist their children during daily routines. Airdrie Foundation 4 Early Intervention collaborates with, and is often comprised of, the same professional team that provides programming for families with Specialized Services contracts.

For more information about your child’s eligibility for funding and questions about our programming – please contact us at airdriefoundation4@gmail.com or phone 403.945.4561

Mild/Moderate Screenings

This service is for children aged 3 years, 8 months by September 1st. As part of your child’s enrollment in Inspiration Station Preschool and with signed parental consent, we offer developmental screening of your child’s speech and language skills by a registered Speech-Language Pathologist.  Screening will ensure the age-appropriateness of your child’s specific speech sounds (articulation) and your child’s ability to understand language and express themselves.  (By the age of three, we expect children to be at least 80% intelligible). Screenings are completed in September and if intervention is recommended, speech therapy is scheduled throughout the year within the classroom and documented in an Individualized Program Plan (IPP).


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