• We wanted a preschool whose staff would always be loving, compassionate, present and engaged. Where our daughters would feel welcomed, valued and appreciated for who they were becoming, and include us as parents. Where play and learning would be cultivated in ways that are safe, fun, exciting, and when needed, messy. Where all children would be celebrated and the beauty of childhood enjoyed daily. Inspiration Station checked off our extensive list and then some. We are eternally grateful to have been a part of the Inspiration Station family for four years.
    Amanda P.
  • I cannot express what an important factor the whole team has been for my son and our family! My son has made progress that I honestly never thought possible. He will be attending kindergarten in the fall and after all the time and therapy he has received I feel very confident that he will do great! My youngest is now going through the same process of an Autism diagnosis, but knowing I have this school and this team, I am not nearly as fearful as I was with my older son.
    Crystal R.
  • The staff at this school are truly wonderful. Each and every one of them have such a deep dedication to these kids. I have had many chances to observe the classroom and it warms my heart to know how much they care for these children and approach them according to that child’s needs
    Korri M.
  • As university educated parents, we were devastated at the fact that our sweet son was already off to a rough start and our dreams started to fracture. But then things started to change when I made a phone call to Inspiration Station. They have taught me how to teach my son, and have made me a more confident parent. Any affiliation with this preschool WILL be positive.
    Tracy F.
  • We have had the pleasure of working with the dedicated staff at Inspiration Station (west) for 2 years now. Entering into a preschool program, with our second “coded” child, we were looking for a program that offered support (Speech, OT, and more), but promoted inclusion, and worked towards independence. We found all of that and so much more with Inspiration Station. The bright new location, music program, caring staff, dedicated support, and a proven system that works, has provided our child with the tools and enthusiasm to head off to Kindergarten. We would strongly recommend Inspiration station for ALL kiddos, this preschool excels at inclusion, understanding and adaptation. We will miss the ladies at preschool, they have become part of our family over these 2 years, and we are so thankful to have had them as part of the team.
    Tony H.
  • Our son and daughter attended Inspiration Station over four years and we 100% believe both their empathy and understanding came from Inspiration Station! I could not have chosen a better preschool.
    Jodie A.


  • Because it makes me so happy!
    Because I love my preschool and like to play
    5 years old
  • I love playing with sharks… There are sharks here!
  • Playing and making friends and going on field trips.
  • Because I love it.
    4 years old
  • Because preschool is my favourite, playing and reading stories.
    5 years old
  • Cause it is where I learn.
    4 years old